Saturday, May 31, 2008

I bought some really fun cloth to sew some cloth grocery bags. I had enough left over to make myself an apron. It ended up a LOT longer that I thought it would but I still love it. Syl. took the picture :-)

Wow it has been so long I forgot my password. It is a good thing my computer had a 'cookie' for that.! I have been in a HUGE sewing mood. Not good on the pocket book. Have you seen the price of cloth? Almost as shocking as the price of gas. The Joanns 40% off coupon does not really help me at all. I end up going and buying at least $30 worth of stuff. I guess the coupon worked. Joanns wanted to lure people in.
I really would love a place to post pictures of my crafts. I find really fun blogs all over online with wonderful show off crafts. I am going to join them and show off mine as well. I know that my sweet hubby is getting sick of me parading myself in front of him with my newest creation.
So I am off to figure out how I can add pictures to my blog.