Saturday, August 23, 2008

the magician's nephew

I've started crafting like mad again. I have until the end of the month to finish my swap packages.

One package is for a little boy who is three. It is a dress ups package. It is a very fun package to put together. I lost a dress ups! I love Halloween I love theater I love any excuse to dress up into something else. I also love fantasy, and reading book's. So I guess that means I love fantasy books.

I just got finished reading the magician's nephew to my girls. What a great book! It took me two weeks to figure out how to incorporate what was in the book with the swap package. But I figured it out.

In the book, the uncle makes magic rings. Touching the yellow one will take you to the Woods Between World's. A portal of sorts. It is full of trees and ponds. Each pond is a doorway to another world. To enter another world you put on the green ring and jump into the pond. Don't worry you won't get wet. :-) If ever you want to go home just touch the yellow ring and you will be transported back to the Woods between Worlds where you can just jump into the pond to take you home.

What a great idea to encourage children to use their imagination.

So I need a green and yellow ring out of felt. I also made ponds. Well really, it's just blue cloth in a funny shape turned and top stitched to represent ponds. The dress-up costumes I have so far are the king, a peasant and a fairy. If I have time I will add an animal costume.

My children love the idea and love the costumes so much that they want to keep them. Sage especially loves the fairy wings. They were very easy to make. I will make her a pair for Halloween. Unless she changes her mind and decides once again to be Cinderella. She just said to me "I choose a fairy."