Friday, September 12, 2008

New camera, Yahoo!

Yahoo! I am back :-) I got an early birthday present from Luis. A new camera! It is an EasyShare Kodak like my last one was, but way nicer!

I am excited to take some more pictures of my crafts. If in fact I have time to do crafting. Homeschool has started and I am back to playing teacher as well as the many other shirts I wear. Today I am wearing a shirt of a hormonal crazy person, migraine headache suffer, teacher, referee, prison warden, Judge jury and executioner!

I did manage to make my dad a quick bookmark to send with a book. My dad was here for two weeks and I caught him to start reading Inkspell. Want to borrow mine he wanted to go home and jest buy one. Well I decided to order him one when I rejoined a children's book club. I'm glad he's reading the book, it is a fabulous book! I don't care that it was meant for 14-year-olds, it is still one of the best books I have ever read. My dad, even after reading just two chapters describe it as a Book Lover's Book! I look forward, tentatively, to the movie coming out. They better do it justice.