Monday, September 3, 2007

It is hot! I know, I know, not a new flash. You can all feel it. But I am finding it very hard to handle. I start really squirming when the humidity level reaches anything above 20%. It is now 41%. Granted, it is only 89 degrees but it is going to get to 107. 30% chance of rain. I really do hope it rains!

Luis is gone deep sea fishing. The girls and I camped out in the living room overnight. It is cooler out there. Not by much but I will take everything I can get.

Our swamp cooler is about to die. When you have it on high you can barely feel it blowing. Room fans can only go so far.

Weatherman says it will cool off to low/mid 90's by Wednesday. Not a whole lot better but like I said, I will take what I can get.

The library is closed today of I would go there and hang out with the kids. Perhaps a trip to the mall. Yes, the mall, not my choice of a fun time but any place with air condish' is gonna be oh so nice.