Thursday, June 5, 2008

Silly Monsters

I did some more sewing. I would rather sew right now than do just about anything. I am finding myself in a personal funk or sorts. I am feeling very 'down' I wouldn't call it depressed, it isn't quite that far. But yes, down is a good title for this chapter in my life.
Back to the subject of sewing. I am leaning on sewing as my way of cheering myself up. I keep the sewing machine on the kitchen table about 90% of the time. I have a huge basket with my current projects all piled in.
This weeks project is silly monsters. I got the idea for them by just surfing the web. My darling daughters really love it when I sew them stuff so I had to oblige right?
I doodled a few silly looking (right from the cover of a Jr. High schoolers notebook) monsters. Each of my three darlings picked one. It was not a surprise that my youngest had to copy one of her big sisters and pick the same one. Not a prob. We just picked different cloth. Picking the cloth was a lot of fun. I piled a huge pile of cloth on the floor and told them how many I wanted them to pick. Yes these are colorful silly monsters.
They turned out really cute. I did not have any cotton stuffing only bean bag polly fill. They kids didn't want to wait for the soft fluff so I used the bean bag fill.
So let me introduce you to the three silly (and colorful) monsters. The last one has a baby in a pocket that can come out.