Sunday, July 13, 2008

Doodle Stitching

I finally got a book that
I have been 'eyeing' for
awhile now. It is called
"Doodle Stitching" By Amie Ray.

It is a great book. Just what I had wanted in an embroidery book. I googled and found that Amie has a flikr group and an etsy shop. She is one talented gal!
I tried my hand at a very small doodle stitching project. That is all it took, I am now addicted.

I am going larger and making each daughter a doodle stitching project. I am starting with Sylvia because her birthday is on the 16th. I doodled with a pencil right on the fabric. Sylvia helped me out by listing things that she loves (karate, grapes, pretty rocks, rainbows etc) I am exciedt to see how it turns out. And yes, I will be posting pictures.

For now I will post a picture of my first small one.


Campbell's said...
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Campbell's said...

I missed spelled some thing so i deleted it..Here is my origanl post..

OH YA I LOVE IT..Just add one to my TAB along with the other stuff!
he he

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

Oh what a fun idea! I think my middle son would enjoy this. If not, I would. ;)