Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Library Bag for MDC swap

When I first joined the summer craft swap I threw out a few of my ideas before finalizing my packages offered. I had thought about a library bag with a card holder. My kids use my cloth grocery bags as a library/book bag. They use the business card holders to hold their cards. I ended up taking that off my finalized list thinking that it was not worth the "$20 per package" value. But someone still picked it. I was excited but had to think of an idea to make it worth more. I thought of adding embroidery to it but after three days of struggling with the thread and my huge lack of embroidery talent I gave up. I just fancied up the bag to look better than the plain grocery style bags. It was not easy. I did not have a pattern and just made it up as I went along. In the end it looked great. I am excited about how it turned out. I hope the little girl I sewed it for will have many a'books grace it's insides. So here it is. The dangling pocket holds the little wallet for the library card.