Sunday, July 6, 2008

This is for you Grace :-)

Every time I join the MDC craft swap and swap a craft that I have never sewn before I get really nervous that the person on the receiving end will not think it is worth the $20 value set for each package. I tend to over do it in hopes of them saying that it was "for sure" wroth it. After the first or second of sewing the 'new' item I tend to scale it down. I guess I realize that it really was worth it and I don't need all the extras.
In this case I sewed some tiny little bags for a crafty friend. The bags ended up a little smaller than her request of 3x5. I think there is about 30 of them. I am still sending them and just crossing my fingers that they will work for her. But I had to add another something else to the lot. I saw that she wanted a clothespin bag. It looked like a ton of fun. So I sewed one up. The coth had been sitting in my cloth stash for a few years and in my mother's cloth stash for many many more before that. The trim I got from freecycle. The hanger was leftover from my eBay clothing. So here it is. It turned out so cute.

I really wish my hubby had left the clothesline that was in the back yard up. He really didn't think I would use it. But I really would have.

So Grace, I hope this is your "style" it is headed to your house with the "I hope they are not TOO small" bags.


Crunchy Christian Mom said...

Oh my gosh, you're so creative! I didn't get very far in my quest to learn to sew this summer, but it sure was fun anyway!