Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sylvia's hair

Sylvia has been begging me to get her hair cut. She is tired of it getting tangles up when she swims. Tired of it getting in the way during karate.

I finally tracked down a hair collage. I did not want to pay full price for a quick cut. It ended up being $12. I wonder how much it would have cost at a real salon. I told the gal that I wanted it shoulder length. I guess she thought I was kidding or that dd would not want to take that much off. I was so busy taking care of the other two that I didn't have time to babysit the hairdresser. And boy oh boy my kids were crabby, it 9 too young for PMS??? When I did finally mention to the hairdresser that I wanted it shorter she mumbled about how it would look a lot shorter when it was dry. It was a darling cut, very cute just NOT what we wanted. 3 days later I did what I had wanted to avoid in the first place. I took my own scissors to her hair. I have NO talent what-so-ever when it comes to hair cutting. It brings back memories of when me and my best friends cut each others hair when we were about 17 years old. Yikes! But Sylvia gets what Sylvia wants. Her shoulder length hair.

Please tell me that it isn't that bad!


grace said...

I like it! Actually, aside from the bangs, Sylvia now has the same hairstyle I do.